Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is It Really Nearing 2012??

So, I meant to be more active in posting our goings on with regard to our homeschooling adventures, but of course, it's been busy. Just keeping the boys interested and on task while a toddler insists on disrupting class time has kept me very preoccupied. However, I have some great tips!
Lachlan attacking Connor mid lesson... *sigh*
I've been marking my calender down with important dates to help with lesson planning as well as having a few days of nonsense (but educational) fun. So, for starters check out  Holiday Insights that has each month with listed little known holidays (not national of course, like Pen Pal Day). It's been fun to surprise the kids with Picnic w/Your Teddy Bear Day or Cashew Day. This has enabled me to discuss things like, fantasy and reality, creative writing, and measuring/cooking (we made our own cashew butter). It helps me also remember that there is a lesson in nearly everything.

Also, utilizing videos to teach concepts has been a great tool. Try checking out The KidsKnowIt Network which has great videos that range from math skills and science to creative writing. I have the kids watch the movie, take the interactive quiz and then have worksheets designed around the theme. I also have made a playlist on Youtube with various videos that are educational and fun. We are currently discussing the virtues Diligence and Perseverance. I searched for the story of the Little Engine That Could and we watched the short video and discussed it.

So remember, making learning fun doesn't just benefit the kids by peaking their interest. It is also good for you as a parent because when the kids are having fun learning, you are spending less time struggling to get a lesson across.

I'll try to share more, but of course it's that chaotic Christmas season, so we'll see how it all goes! Good luck!