Monday, September 19, 2011

Pirates In the Classroom!

Avast ye maties! After rousing me swabs from their quarters and setting them to their vittles (freshly plundered from the Super1), we scuttled to the map room to set our course for intellect. We donned our finest piratey clothes and I (first mate and fine wench that I am) my favorite booty. We honored fallen mates by telling their tales through verse and song. We studied "The Code" to ensure smooth sailing for the day and no thought of mutiny would arise.

By midday, we were feeling a bit scurvy, and headed for the galley to feast on limeade and hardtack with peanut butter and jelly. We frittered about on deck while a squall raged outside, chasing the pup and crossing our swords for practice.

For our final lessons, we reviewed our special pirate speak, and made artwork. Tis was a fine day, and all the poor land lubbers who trugged home from the King's school, long after we were through with our lessons, who grubbed on about us fraternizin' in the fresh air during their hours of instruction, we simply gave the eye and laughed 'em to scorn. Arrrg!

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