Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pledge of Allegiance

On this day, in 1892, the Pledge of Allegiance was first printed. So today, we have been learning about the Pledge and all week we have had an art lesson on the symbols of our country. I feel it is important for my kids to learn about our country and how it is meant to be respected and that we began with God as our foundation. I think this is especially relevant now, due to the disrespect being paid by so many, even our own president. So, here are some of the resources I used this week, if you need inspiration of your own!

We discussed symbols by first defining what a symbol is. We listed what some of the symbols for our country are. Then, I had them create a booklet with construction paper and printed coloring pages. I had them color this flag/US image: US FLAG/US and put their name on one of the stripes, then cut it out for them (difficult shape). Then I had them paste it to the front of the construction paper book. Then I printed this flag image: US FLAG and had them color it and (I cut this out) paste it onto the back of the construction paper book.
  • A booklet I printed for them to cut and color. I then stapled it for them:
American Symbols Coloring Book
  • Worksheets for further comprehension of the Pledge of Allegiance:
The Pledge of Allegiance in pictures
Understanding the Pledge of Allegiance  - Just have it print, pages 2-4.

There are so many free resources out there, all you have to do is google search. I searched for free printables and free worksheets.

We ended, with an excellent powerpoint presentation that I highly suggest you check out. It really got a great discussion going and the kids learned new terms and we went beyond just the pledge and talked about our country and government. If you don't have powerpoint viewer, it is a free download here:

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