Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Accidental Humor of the Child-kind

What keeps me so busy: L to R - Russell 9 Lachlan 2 Brennen 3mos Connor 8
I realize I've been terrible about sharing what we've been doing in class lately. Having a baby and a toddler while homeschooling two elementary boys, is challenging to say the least. This baby also is very clingy, so I don't get much time to type with both hands (usually holding a baby), so getting blog posts out is hard, if not impossible. So, I finally have something I think you might enjoy doing. A friend shared the funniest image on Facebook a while back...

I thought it was brilliant. So I typed up my own and had my boys fill it out as not just a creative writing exercise, but stressed good handwriting and to try to remember if they had heard any before and to accurately finish them if they could. Here is the template I created:

Answer Key:

 (I think you can print them out from the images. Let me know in the comments if you can't. I'll remedy that if I can.)

So, what did your kids come up with? I had some that I think should be put on a plaque and hung up. Like:

"Love all, Trust the truth."  - Russell age 9

"Children should be seen, and not unseen."  - Connor age 8

and of course, because my kids are cool, both put:

"Never underestimate the power, of the dark side."

It was fun to see what they came up with. Please share in the comments if your kids came up with some good ones!

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