Thursday, December 8, 2016

Updates and Absences

We continue our homeschooling journey, but I've not had time to keep up with journaling. Numerous moves have kept me from doing anything other than focusing on family and schooling. We now are back in Alaska, where we started right before choosing to homeschool. It's been a lot of ups and downs, trial and error, but we've got a good thing going and the boys have chosen to continue schooling at home. I ask them every year if they want to try public school and they decline. There are many pros to schooling at home on a schedule that fits our family. So, this post will be about that.

Pros Of Homeschooling

Diabetes Awareness Through Education
1.) Health: Connor and myself are Type I Diabetic which makes it complicated for other people who aren't familiar with this potentially fatal disease and how important it is to follow protocol. There were constant issues for Connor to deal with when he was in public school and I was always having to go to the school to deal with them. He misses a lot less days of schooling due to poor blood sugar and sick days. For myself, there are sometimes days where it's hard to leave the house due to complications of having T1D for 30 years. I have a setup that helps keep schoolwork going even when I need some recovery time.

On the f/v Magnus Martens
2.) Extra-Curricular Opportunities: Russell and Connor have now had the opportunity to learn along side their dad, the ins and outs of commercial fishing. They are not only learning the value of a work ethic that is strong and honest, but math skills that aren't taught in school. Skills that include estimating the total volume of fish and calculating the best prices offered by the canneries. I'm sure the younger two will follow in their older brother's footsteps when they're old enough to safely work on the boat.

DIPAC Fish Hatchery
3.) Learning Outside the Classroom: We have more opportunities to learn outside and learn more unusual topics than the average public school student. In fact, every outing is a potential learning opportunity and I do my best to utilize every opportunity we come across. Our calendar is full of many different classes for all the kids either learning together or apart. Art, music, science, cultural appreciation, are all just some of the things we learn about on a nearly daily basis.

Salmon Dissection/Fish Biology at DIPAC
Tlingit Culture at the Alaska State Museum

Shelter Building with Dad

History: The Sinking of the Titanic (craft time)
Sensory Box (rice): at home
Horsemanship: Echo Ranch
The possibilities are truly endless for learning and education. You don't have to have any special degree to do so, just a willingness to do the research and take advantage of all the resources available, both free and for nominal fees for at home learning. The library is always free as well. So if you want to take the plunge into homeschooling, I highly suggest seeking out local homeschool groups in your area. Facebook is great for connecting with co-ops and support groups. Don't wait! Check it out today!

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