Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of Summer: School Preview

So the kids are excited for school! They enjoyed the short two hour exercise, where we wrote a letter to a friend of their choice. Then, they read for about half an hour each. I've decided, to continue our letter writing exercises, as long as they are enjoying them. It's good for them to learn the importance of writing and receiving hand written letters.

Tomorrow, I have another exercise already on the whiteboard and I found a fantastic pdf file that an ingenious 2nd grader (I'm sure with help from mom and/or dad) put together on the basics of letter writing. I printed some of the exercises off from that and wanted to share the link, so that any homeschooler can utilize this valuable little teaching gem.

by Randee Newbanks
2nd Grade
Gerald Elementary

Also, here is a great handout that discusses the parts of a letter. Cute visual to help a student remember. Click on the image and print it out! Enjoy!

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