Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Testing... Testing... 1, 2, 3...

I decided to do a classroom test. I wanted to see how the kids would do, and to break in the new classroom and how I arranged it. Here are some pictures of the "little red classroom".

from doorway, looking in

Teacher's area, and listening center

doorway in: behind door is an organizer for their paperwork 

Flag in place of honor.

This morning, I decided a good exercise would be letter writing. We talked about the different parts of a letter (date, salutation, body, etc). I put an example on the whiteboard and a list of possible topics to write about. Lachlan even sat on the floor with a lap desk and colored on a piece of paper briefly. My mom visited and distracted him the rest of the time (though we will all have to work around him at some point). We broke for lunch and after taking care of their animals, decided to read on their own at their desks. Chloe strode in to visit and is sleeping on my lap. So far, a positive sign that this can be done!

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